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Scent Detection Dogs at Seek and Find Experts
Seek And Find Experts is an Edmonton based company servicing all of northern Alberta. We offer canine scent detection services for the prevention and detection of bedbugs.

Seek And Find Experts is an independently run company which does not provide remediation or pest elimination services, and, therefore, our reports are exclusive to the investigative results.

Concerned you may be affected?  ... We encourage a pro-active approach to prevention, ultimately saving you money.

Our Dogs

Cali Scent Detection Dog
Bedbug detection
Asher Scent Detection Dog
Bedbug detection
Cali and Asher came to me from Arkansas via California where they lived, trained and worked since they were puppies as bed bug scent detection dogs. They have been certified as such since their careers began. They have been hunting down bed bugs all over Alberta since September 2013.

California “Cali” is a 6-year-old blonde 20 pound (mini) Labradoodle. She likes long walks in the river valley and LOVES to hunt. Asher is a 4-year-old black with white markings 35 pound (mini) Labradoodle. He. Loves. Fetch.

Cali and Asher are both toy-reward trained, the fun of the “work” comes from the reward playing fetch/tug of war with a ball/toy.

Our K9s are dependably accurate and very rarely false alert - all alerts must be verified by handler.

These dogs are smart, so focused yet playful and they love their job. Nevertheless, they are different in personality and attitude. It is my responsibility, as their handler, to read them, train them and make sure they are happy doing their job to the best of their abilities, which, incidentally, are mind-blowing.

Both K9s are hypoallergenic, fixed and very polite. They are groomed and bathed regularly with nails trimmed. They go for regular vet checkups and are current with all their shots.
Seek and Find Experts Scent Detection Dog 1
Seek and Find Experts Scent Detection Dog 2
Seek and Find Experts Scent Detection Dog 3
Seek and Find Experts Scent Detection Dog 4
Seek and Find Experts Scent Detection Dog 5
Seek and Find Experts Scent Detection Dog 6
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