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Seek and Find Experts is an innovative and growth-oriented company specializing in the use of canines for the detection, and proactive prevention of bed bugs.

We have been certified for access to restricted camps, OSSA, and CSTS. Our dogs and handlers are all certified and have experience working in remote workforce accommodations in Northern Alberta.
Seek and Find Experts team of scent detection dogs

Other experience includes

15 years professional canine general training
6+ years handling scent detection canines
Management and training of canine/handler teams across Canada
Our goal is to work closely with our clients to customize a program to detect, prevent and deter specified pests, and/or illicit drugs.   

Bed bugs: the preferred approach to this potential problem is an assertive and proactive approach of using canines for early detection. The practice of continuously inspecting rooms is the only safe way to ensure these pests are found prior to spreading, become a costly problem and even damaging a reputation. If bed bugs are found, the canine can quickly identify how far the problem has spread to adjoining rooms, hallways, common rooms etc. This preemptive practice will save not only time, but also the cost of treating areas that have not been affected. Once the specific area has been treated, the canines return to ensure the insects have been eradicated. Bed bugs are resilient and can travel quickly; it is important to ensure that there are no survivors.
PROPERTY MANAGEMENT: Apartments, Condos, Homes, Office Space

TOURISM: Short term or long hotels, motels, lodges and vacation properties in northern Alberta

LONG TERM CARE: Senior facilities as well as any long term residences for handicap persons, etc

REMOTE LODGING/CAMPS: The majority of our work is with remote lodging and camps.
Bed Bug Seek and Find Experts